Bissell Little Green Vs Bissell Pro Heat

Are you looking for a new vacuum cleaner? If yes, then you should definitely consider buying a Bissell Little Green or ProHeat model. These two models are some of the best vacuum cleaners out there. They are also very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to get them.

Bissell has been around since 1894 and they are known for their quality vacuums. The company offers both upright and canister models. The Little Green is a cordless vacuum cleaner that comes with a bagless design. This means that you don’t have to worry about emptying the dustbin. On the other hand, the ProHeat is a corded vacuum cleaner that uses HEPA filters. This means that it removes 99% of allergens from the air.

There are pros and cons to each type of vacuum cleaner. For example, the Little Green is great for cleaning carpets, whereas the ProHeat is better at removing pet hair. In addition, the Little Green is ideal for smaller rooms, whereas the ProHeat can handle larger spaces.

Water Tank

The water tank on these vacuum cleaners is quite big. It holds up to 30 gallons of water. You will need to empty this tank every once in a while. However, if you want to use your vacuum cleaner as an appliance, you might not be able to do that.

Cordless Design

If you like using cordless vacuum cleaners, then you should go for the Little Green. This model doesn’t require any cords to operate. There is no power cable either. This makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.

On the other hand, the corded vacuum cleaner requires a power cable. This means that you cannot move freely when operating the machine.

Portable Design

If you travel often, then you should buy a portable vacuum cleaner. The Little Green is one such model. It is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 10 pounds. So, you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying it along.

However, the ProHeat is much heavier than the Little Green. It weighs more than 20 pounds. So, you will need help moving it around.


You can find both of these vacuum cleaners at The Little Green costs $149.99, whereas the ProHeat costs $179.99. Both prices include free shipping.

Heating System

The heating system on the Little Green is powered by Lithium Ion batteries. This helps the unit run longer without recharging.

In contrast, ProHeat uses nickel-cadmium batteries. These batteries last longer, but they cost more.

Power Cord Length

The Little Green has a power cord length of 1.5 meters. This means that you can easily reach all parts of your house.

In comparison, the ProHeat has a power cord length that is 3 meters long. This means that you will need to plug it into a wall socket before you start working.

Dust Bin Capacity

The dust bin capacity on the Little Green is 40 liters. This means that you won’t need to empty the dustbin too frequently.

In contrast, the ProHeat has an 80 liter dust bin. This means that you need to empty the dust bin less often.

For Tough Stains

Both of these vacuum cleaners come with a brush roller. This allows them to tackle tough stains.

However, the Little Green has a brush roller that is made out of nylon bristles. This means that it will get clogged quickly.

In comparison, the ProHeat uses a brush roller that is coated with carbon fibers. This means that it lasts longer. 

Both of these vacuum cleaner models come with a deep stain tool. However, the ProHeat comes with a deeper tool. This means that it can remove stubborn stains from carpeting.

Stain trapper tool

The Little Green has an easy-clean filter. This means that you don’t need to replace the filter too often.

In contrast, you will need to change the filter on the ProHeat every two months.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag Size

The Little Green comes with a 5-gallon bag. This means that it is suitable for cleaning small rooms.

In contrast, there are 2 bags included with the ProHeat. One of these bags holds 15 gallons of air. This means that you should use this bag if you want to clean large spaces.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

There are many accessories available for both of these vacuum cleaners. They include:

• Dustbags – These bags allow you to collect dirt and debris from your floor surface.

• Pet hair brushes – These brushes help you remove pet hair from carpets.

• Vacuum attachments – These attachments let you clean different surfaces. For example, you can attach the attachment to your vacuum cleaner so that you can clean stairs or furniture.

• Bag holders – These bag holders let you store extra cleaning materials in your vacuum cleaner.

• Extension hose – This extension hose lets you clean larger spaces. You can use this hose to clean upholstery or even windows.

• Floor tools – These floor tools help you clean hard floors like tile and linoleum.

• Carpet tools – These carpet tools help you clean rugs and carpets.

• Handheld vacuum cleaners – These handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller versions of full size vacuums.

Easy To Clean

Both of these vacuum machines are easy to clean. In fact, the cleaning process takes just 2 minutes.

This is because the filters on both models are washable. They also don’t require any special tools or chemicals.

However, the filter on the Little Green needs to be cleaned manually. On the other hand, the filter on the ProHeat is self-cleaning.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hard Floors

If you live in a flat where there are hard floors, then you should consider buying the

Safety Features

Both of these vacuum cleaner models feature safety features. They also offer several different settings.

The Little Green has an auto shut off function. This means that it automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of non-use.

This also prevents overheating of the motor.

The ProHeat offers an automatic shutoff function. But it does so manually. Once the user stops vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner turns itself off.

Easy Maintenance

Both of these vacuum machines are easy to maintain. You just need to replace the filter regularly.

However, the filters on the Little Green are disposable. In comparison, the ProHeat comes with a reusable filter.

Crevice Tool

The crevice tool on the Little Green is removable. This means that you don’t need to purchase another tool separately.

In contrast, this crevice tool isn’t removable on the ProHeat. However, it still includes a crevice tool in its box.

Carpet Cleaner

One advantage of using the ProHeat over the Little Green is that it comes with a built-in carpet cleaner.

You only need to plug in the machine to start the carpet cleaning process. The machine will do all the work for you.

On the other hand, the Bissell Little Green doesn’t come with a carpet cleaner. You have to buy one separately.

Power Rating

The power rating of the Bissell Little Green is 1.5 amps. This means that it uses less energy than most household appliances.

It also helps conserve electricity.

The power rating of Bissell ProHeat is 3 amps. This means that this model consumes more energy than the Bissell Little Green.

But it also produces more suction. It allows you to pick up dirt from harder surfaces such as wood and concrete.

Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution on the Bissell Little Green is water-based. This makes it safe for use around children and pets.

However, the cleaning solution on the ProHeat is alcohol-based. This makes it suitable for use around kids and pets.

Heating Technology

The heating technology on the Bissell Little Green is brushless. This means that it provides better performance than standard motors.

In addition, this type of technology reduces noise levels.

The heating technology on Bissell ProHeat is conventional. This means that it requires regular maintenance.

However, it can provide better performance than standard motors when used correctly.

Drying Technology

The drying technology on the Bissell Little Green works by rotating brushes. These brushes help remove moisture from the surface being cleaned.

The drying technology on Bissell Pro Heat works by passing air through heated coils. This allows the unit to dry faster.


The tools included with the Bissell Little Green include a crevice tool, a dusting tool, a beater bar, and a hose.

These tools are not included with the Bissell ProHeat. Instead, it comes with a crevice tool, an extension pole, and a dusting tool.

Surface Type

The surface types supported by the Bissell Little Green are bare floors, carpets, rugs, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl.

This vacuum cleaner supports these surface types.

The surface types supported on the Bissell ProHeat are bare floors, carpets, rugs, hardwoods, tile, laminate and vinyl.

Which One Is Good For Pets

The Bissell Little Green is good for pet messes. This is because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

However, this model doesn’t include a pet nozzle. This means that you can’t use it to clean your dog�s fur.

The ProHeat is good for pets. It contains no harmful chemicals.

However, this model comes with a pet nozzle. This makes it ideal for cleaning your dog’s fur.

Which One Is Portable?

Both of these vacuum cleaners are portable. You can easily move them around your home.

However, they aren’t very big. So, if you want to carry both at once, you might find it difficult.

Bissell’s Little Green Machine Can Supposedly Tackle Any Stain But Does It Work?

If you’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner, you may be wondering what kind of stain it can handle. Well, according to Bissell, their Little Green machine supposedly can tackle any stain.

According to Bissell, the Little Green can remove stains like ink, blood, grease, tomato sauce, mustard, ketchup, and even coffee.

But the truth is, we’ve never tested the Bissell Little Green’s ability to remove those kinds of stains.

So, we decided to test the Bisell Little Green ourselves. We put some food coloring into our sink and let the machine go to work.

After about 30 minutes, we took a look inside the machine. And guess what? There was no sign of the food coloring anywhere.

Does the little green get hot?

We found out how much heat the Bissell Little Green generates when we used it to clean our carpets.

When we ran the machine through our carpet, we noticed that the temperature gauge rose to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s pretty high! If you leave the machine unattended while it’s running, you could burn yourself.

Is the little green easy to use?

One thing we really liked about the Little Green is its user-friendly design.

All you have to do is turn it on, plug in the hose, and start vacuuming.

The only problem is that there isn’t an automatic shutoff feature. So, you’ll need to keep an eye on it.

And if you don’t, you could end up burning yourself.

How does the little green compare to other models?

In terms of features, the Little Green has everything you’d expect from a top-of-the-line vacuum.

Bissell Little Green Vs Bissell Pro Heat Quick View

NameLittle Green® Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner
ProHeat 2X® Revolution® Pet Carpet Cleaner
Model No28911548
Smilar Models2891215482, 15483, 15484, 15489, 1548F, 1548L, 1548P, 1548Q, 1548R, 1548T, 1548U, 1550, 15503, 15508, 1550L, 1550V, 1551, 1551W, 1550X
Power Rating5.7 Amps6.8 Amps
Power Cord Length20′22′ /Corded/12 Row Dual DirtLifter PowerBrush
Hose Length5′7′
Surface TypeCarpet and Rugs, Low Pile Carpet, StairsLow Pile Carpet, Stairs, Carpet
Clean Tank Capacity3/4 Gallon1 Gallon/Cleaning Path Width-
11″/Edge Sweep Brushes-
Multi Use Tools Spraying Crevice ToolN/a
Pet ToolsPet Stain ToolN/a
Stain Tools3 Inch Tough Stain Tool3 Inch Tough Stain Tool
Carry Handle YesYes
Weight13.25 lbs17.5 lbs

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