Can You Put Laminate Flooring Over Tile?

Placing your new flooring over tile sounds good, but can you put laminate flooring over tile? This blog post will cover whether or not you can put laminate flooring over tile, how you can do it, problems, the cost of removing tiles, and the cost of laminate flooring over tiles.

It is generally not recommended to install laminate flooring over tile, as the surface of the tile may not be smooth enough and could cause the laminate flooring to be uneven. In addition, the weight of the laminate flooring may cause the tiles to crack or break.

For existing tiles that are unlevel, you can also apply leveling compound on tiles to even it out before putting down any flooring.

It would be best if you remembered that when you put laminate flooring over tile, the floor will gain height, which can cause issues with doors, transitions, and appliances.

It is recommended to use prefinished hardwood or laminate because they are glued down or use a click-and-lock system. When putting laminate flooring, you must also leave a gap of 1/3 inch for expansion and to fit baseboards and molding.

It is also recommended to use underlayment as a moisture barrier over tile floors; it provides moisture protection and helps in warm, underfoot, and acoustics. Before starting any flooring project, you should seek advice from a professional expert. If you want to put laminate flooring over tile then here is the video that can help you do it.

What kind of flooring can you put over the tile?

There are multiple types of flooring that you can use on tile floors. Below are some of the options you have for your tile floors, however here is an article I wrote about on how to waterproof laminate flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT is suitable for areas that are exposed to water. It is waterproof; it has super low maintenance because of the absence of grout. It is also beginner friendly; you should remember that not all luxury vinyl tiles are suitable for installation on existing tiles; you must carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Luxury Vinyl Plank 

Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank are the same products; they are waterproof and require no grout or sealing; the only difference is that luxury vinyl plank comes in longer pieces compared to luxury vinyl tile, and it also gives a wood-like effect.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are the same product; they are waterproof and require no grout or sealing. However, luxury vinyl plank comes in longer pieces and is ideal for a wood-like effect.

Floating Engineered Hardwood Planks

Floating hardwood planks are both waterproof and scratch-resistant; this is the advantage that comes with the hardwood planks, hardwood planks are more pricey than luxury vinyl tile and vinyl planks, but if you have a resell value in mind, then this is something you want to consider.

Attached Pad Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring with an attached pad is DIY friendly and similar in appearance; the most significant difference between vinyl and laminate is that vinyl is synthetic and laminate is not.

Laminate consists of wood byproducts, which is not a good option for bathrooms and kitchens, here is a guide on can you install laminate flooring in bathrooms. As with all the other products, you must ensure the product is suitable for installation over tile.

Laminate flooring over tile problems

While you certainly can install laminate flooring over tiles but there are some problems you should keep in mind.

First minor variances can cause squeaking when you walk on the laminate floor; another thing to consider is that the tile is often used in bathrooms and kitchens, so you need to install underlayment before putting the laminate flooring on top, read this article on common mistakes when laying laminate flooring.

Many laminate flooring products become slippery when you use them in certain areas, especially bathrooms; when laminate flooring is laid over tile, it creates a more rigid surface than you may prefer.

Laying laminate over tile is often forbidden by many manufacturers, which may void your warranty agreement; if you do not install it correctly or it causes problems in the future, you may be out a lot of money.

Cost of removing tiles from floor

The cost of removing tiles from a floor will depend on the size of the area, the type of tiles, and the complexity of the job. Some factors that can affect the cost include:

  • The thickness and type of tiles: Thicker or more difficult-to-remove tiles will take longer to remove and may increase the overall cost.
  • The condition of the tiles: If the tiles are in good condition and can be easily removed, it will generally be less expensive than if they are damaged or stuck in place.
  • The underlying flooring: If the tiles are being removed to access the subfloor, the cost may be higher if the subfloor is in poor condition and requires repair or replacement.
  • The location of the tiles: Tiles in hard-to-reach areas, such as behind a toilet or in a corner, may be more difficult and time-consuming to remove, which could increase the cost.

On average, the cost of removing tiles from a floor can range from $1 to $5 per square foot, depending on the factors mentioned above. However, this is only a rough estimate and the actual cost may vary significantly. It is best to get quotes from multiple contractors to get a more accurate idea of the cost.

Here is a calculator you can use to calculate the cost according to area.

Square FeetLow Range $High Range $
The estimated cost of removing tiles by the square foot

Cost of laminate flooring over tile per square foot

The average cost of laminate flooring installation is between 6$-12$ per square foot. Laminate flooring lasts between 20 to 30 years, and is more affordable then many other flooring options.

Below is a table of wood types, material cost, installation cost, and total cost per square foot to install laminate flooring.

Wood Laminate Flooring1.5$ to 3$6 – 12$7.5 to 15$
Stone Laminate Flooring3.5 to 4$6 – 12$9.5 to 16$
Tile Laminate Flooring3.5 to 5$6 – 12$9.5 to 17$
Cost of laminate flooring per square foot

When estimating the cost their will be additional price factors and considerations, which should be taken into account like removing old floors, subfloor repair or replacement, and extra added features.You can use this calculator for the estimation of laminate flooring according to your zip code and area.

When budgeting for the cost to install laminate flooring, there will be additional price factors and considerations. These include the cost to remove old flooring, subfloor repair or replacement, warranty costs, AC rating, underlay, flooring texture, thickness, finish, and extra added features.