Hoover Smarwash Vs Bissell Pro Heat 2x

Hoover has always been known for its quality vacuum cleaners. The company recently introduced the new Smart Wash system, which combines the power of a powerful suction cleaner with a powerful steam cleaning tool.

Bissell ProHeat 2X is a professional steam mop that uses heat to kill germs and bacteria. This makes it great for homes where kids or pets live.

Both Hoover and Bissell offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Which should you choose?

The Hoover Smart Wash System is designed for light to medium duty use. It can clean upholstery, carpets, tile floors, stairs, hardwood floors, and more. It also comes with an accessory kit, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Steam Mop is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. It’s made for commercial use and designed to remove dirt from all types of floor surfaces. It features a built-in heater, a water tank, and a removable filter.

Bissell vs. Hoover: Cord Length

If you have small children or pets, you might want to consider buying a cordless vacuum cleaner. They are easier to maneuver around furniture and they don’t leave behind any cords.

Hoover offers two cordless models in its Smart Wash line: the PowerForce 75 and the PowerForce 110. Both feature a battery life of about 40 minutes.

The Bissell PowerMate Pro 300 is a corded model that runs off of three AA batteries. Its battery life lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Automatic Cleaning Technology

The Hoover Smart Wash system includes automatic cleaning technology. You just set the machine on your desired cleaning level, select the type of surface you’re cleaning, and let it do its thing.

This means you won’t need to worry about cleaning levels or settings. Just turn the unit on, point it in the direction you want to go, and walk away.

You can adjust the height of the nozzle so you can get into tight spaces. And if you prefer not to touch the dirty areas yourself, you can activate the auto scrubbing function.

It will automatically move over the area you selected and clean it using the appropriate cleaning method.

Bissell proheat 2x system includes a built-in heater

The Bissell Pro Heat 2X Steam Mop includes a built-in heating element. This allows you to quickly warm up the entire mop head.

When you first start using the mop, you’ll notice that it takes longer than other steam mops to heat up. But after that initial delay, it heats up very fast.

Once it reaches the proper temperature, it works like magic. Your carpet will be disinfected and cleaned in no time.

The mop head is also easy to rinse out. Simply run cold water through the mop head until it cools down. Then pull the plug and shake the excess water out.

Bissell’s mop head is also dishwasher safe. So you don’t have to worry about washing it by hand.

Bissell doesn’t include a hose attachment. However, you can purchase one separately.

Nozzle Type

The Hoover Smart Wash has a standard round nozzle. The Bissell ProHeat 2 X has a flat nozzle.

Round Nozzles

A round nozzle provides better suction power when compared to a flat nozzle. It also creates less lint.

Flat Nozzles

Flat nozzles create less lint but aren’t as powerful as round nozzles.

Cleaning System

Both machines come equipped with the same cleaning systems.

They both use a combination of brushes and pads to pick up dirt and debris.

However, the Hoover Smart Wash uses a roller brush while the Bissell ProHeat 2 x uses a rotating pad.

Roller Brush

A roller brush helps loosen up dirt and grime before it gets picked up by the cleaning system.

Rotating Pad

A rotating pad picks up dirt and debris directly from the carpet.


The Hoover Smart Wash comes with an HEPA filter. This keeps dust particles out of the air.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X does not come with a filter.


The Hoover Smart Wash comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Bissell Pro Heat 2 X comes with a 3 year warranty.

Brush Type

The Hoover Smart wash has a soft bristle brush.

The Bissell has a hard nylon bristle brush.

Finger Vacuum

The Hoover Smart Wash includes a finger vacuum. This makes vacuuming easier.

The Bissell doesn’t offer this feature.

Water Tank Capacity

The Hoover Smart Wash holds 7 gallons of water.

The Bissell holds 10 gallons of water.

Wet And Dry Mode

The Hoover Smart Wash offers wet/dry mode. You can choose between wet and dry modes.

The Bissell only offers wet mode.


The Hoover Smart Wash costs $199.99.

The Bissell costs $149.99.

Mixing System

The Hoover Smart Wash features a mixing system. This lets you customize your cleaning solution.

The Bissell does not offer this feature.

Dry Time

The Hoover Smart Wash dries in 20 minutes.

The Bissell dries in 30 minutes.

Cleaning Formula

The Hoover Smart Wash uses a cleaning formula called Clean & Fresh.

The Bissell uses a cleaning formula called PowerClean.

Surface Type

The Hoover Smart Mop cleans all types of surfaces including bare floors, carpets, rugs, tile, laminate, wood, vinyl, linoleum, and more.

The Bissell mop cleans bare floors, carpets and rugs.

Steam Boost Function

The Hoover Smart Wash allows you to boost the steam pressure for extra cleaning power.

You cannot do this with the Bissell.


The Hoover Smart Wash measures 22 inches long x 18 inches wide x 17 inches tall.

The Bissell proheat 2x measures 19 inches long x 16 inches wide x 15 inches tall.

Steaming Timers

The Hoover Smart Wash steams for 15 seconds.

The Bissell ProHeat2 X steams for 25 seconds.

Power Consumption

The Hoover Smart Wash consumes 0.9 amps per hour.

The Bissell consumes 1.4 amps per hour.

Voltage Requirements

The Hoover Smart Wash requires 110 volts.

The Bissell needs 120 volts.

Additional Features

Here are some additional features for each machine:

Hoover Smart Wash

Heats up in 5 minutes

Easy to store under sink

Includes a drying rack

Can hold 7 gallons of water

Has a finger vacuum

Has a mixing system

Bissell ProHeat 2X

Has a heating element built into the handle

Has a drying rack

Doesn’t hold as much water as the Hoover Smart Wash

Pet Stains Removal

The Hoover Smart Wash removes pet stains easily.

It automatically cleans itself after every use.

This means that if you spill something on your carpet, the Hoover Smart Wash will clean it right away.

You won’t need to buy another product or spend more money on professional cleaners.

However, the Bissell ProHeat does not remove pet stains.

If you spill something on your carpets, you’ll need to get a stain remover.

Vacuum Cleaner Bag

The Hoover Smart Wash is easy to empty.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck inside the bag.

The Bissell requires you to unzip the bag.

You can’t just pull the bag open like you would with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Area

The Hoover Smart Wash has a large cleaning area.

This allows you to clean larger areas quickly.

The Bissell needs to be moved back and forth over the same spot.

Cleaning Area Size

The Hoover Smart Wash covers a large area.

This means that you can clean large rooms quickly.

The Bissel only covers a small area.

Carpet Height

The Hoover Smart Wash can reach high spots.

This means that it can clean your stairs and other high spots.

The Bissell can only reach low spots.

Carpet Depth

The Hoover Smart Wash reaches deep into the carpet.

This lets you clean all the way down to the floor.

The Bissell cannot go as far.

Carpet Width

The Hoover Smart Wash goes across the width of the room.

This means that it can clean wide areas quickly.

The bissell can only go across the length of the room.

Powerfull Extraction System

The Hoover Smart wash uses an extraction system.

This helps make vacuuming faster.

The Bissell uses a standard suction system.

Suction Power

The Hoover Smart Wash pulls out dust and debris from the carpet.

This makes vacuuming fast and efficient.

The Bissell isn’t powerful enough to do this.

Which One Can Be Used For Carpet Cleaning

If you have hardwood floors, then you should probably stick with the Hoover Smart Wash.

But if your carpets are made of synthetic materials, then you might want to consider the Bissell Pro Heat 2x.

It’s much smaller and more compact. Plus, it’s lightweight.

So if you’re looking for something portable, then the Bissell Pro Heat may be the best option for you.

Final Thoughts

Which One Is Good For Tough Stains

If you have tough stains on your carpet, then you need to look at the Hoover Smart Wash. It has a special stain removal solution included.This solution breaks down tough stains so they can easily be removed.

You won’t get the same results with the Bissell Pro Heat .

Which One Does A Better Job Of Deep Cleaning?

If you’re looking to deep clean your carpet, then the Hoover Smart Wash is definitely the way to go.

The Bissell is great for spot cleaning. But if you want to do a thorough job, then you’ll need to invest in the Hoover Smart Wash. You can use it to deep clean your entire house.

Which One Has More Power?

The Hoover Smart Wash is powered by a 115V motor. So it has a lot of power.

The Bissell only has a 110V motor.

Which One Uses Less Water?

The Hoover Smart Wash uses about 7 gallons of water per cycle.

The Bissell uses about 8 gallons of water per cycle

Which One Is Best For Pets?

Pets love to chew on things. And that means their fur will end up all over your carpet.

That’s why you need to make sure you have a pet-friendly machine. The Hoover Smart Wash is designed to work well with pets. The Bissell isn’t.

Is Hoover better than Bissell

In our opinion, the Hoover Smart Wash is the best vacuum.

And we think it’s because it does everything really well.

Plus, it’s easy to use.

We also like its extra features. Like the Stain Remover Solution.

And the fact that it’s affordable.

But there are some downsides.

Like the fact that it doesn’t come with any attachments.

Or bags.

Also, it takes longer to empty than the Bissell.

So if you don’t mind those downsides, then the Hoover Smart wash is still worth buying.

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